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Agile Facilitation/Training with Liberating Structures

This workshop will help you re-think your strategy for effective content delivery and workshop facilitation online. No more Zoom-fatigue in your meetings!

Course Summary

This workshop will help you re-think your strategy for effective content delivery and workshop facilitation online. No more Zoom-fatigue in your meetings!

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and learn by doing, experiencing and designing your own workshops with Liberating Structures!

This 4 days (3h each) class will immerse you in a powerful synergy of the latest techniques in brain-friendly training design and the most current adaptations of Liberating Structures.

Experience two different facilitation styles, collaborate and build connection with other participants, gain practical insights into designing your own workshops in Liberating Structures Design Jam.

Course Outline
  • Virtual collaboration basics
  • Most versatile Virtual Liberating Structures (LS) for collaboration, engagement and debriefing
  • LS for Strategy Sessions, Portfolio Management, Big Room Planning
  • Virtual LS for Retrospectives and post-mortems
  • Bring a topic for your workshop/session and design it in the class with Liberating Structures Design Board
  • Liberating Structures for large group collaboration
Key Learning Outcomes

After attending the course, learners will be able to:

  • Completely change the dynamic of your workshops with Liberating Structures adapted to the virtual space.
  • Re-design your meetings/ trainings for remote delivery with Liberating Structures Design Board.
  • Facilitate impactful large-scale collaboration online with confidence.
  • Maximize engagement, long-term content retention for your learners and NPR scores for yourself.y flow metrics and analytics to find improvement opportunities
  • Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system
  • Explain how tooling impacts your implementation
Who Should Attend
  1. New Certified Scrum Masters. If you’ve taken your CSM class, this workshop is your step two. It will help you improve engagement and facilitate Scrum Events like a pro.
  2. Product Owners and Product Managers. This workshop will bring a new perspective and systems thinking into your Product Backlog and Portfolio Management.
  3. New and experienced Agile Coaches. You will find new ways to assess team effectiveness, facilitate large events with multiple teams and connect with the stakeholder in a fresh new way.
  4. UX Designers and Design Thinking practitioners. This will give you new tools to add to your Design Sprints and help you better know your users.
  5. Leaders, who want to enable innovation and create robust strategies.
  6. Facilitators, looking to bring energy and impact to large online meetings they facilitate.

Familiarity with the Scrum frameworks is helpful, but not mandatory.

On site or Remotely Delivered Agile and Scrum for Teams Training Course?
Mitch Smith

The integration of real-world examples and exercises is really the bread and butter of why I think this course is great.

Julie Cowan

Anthony is a thoughtful agile trainer, engaging all of the students in the class with anecdotes from his real-world experience and deep understanding of Agile practices.

Samuel Turner

I liked the overview of the DASM and now have a clear understanding of “Agile” and how DA is Agile done right.

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